Meeting Time: May 22, 2018 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

7 18-0464 Subject: Oakland Fire Department Goat Grazing Contract From: Oakland Fire Deparment Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution: (1) Waiving The Fixed, Sealed Bid, Price-Based Bid Process; (2) Enter Into A Services Agreement With Ecosystems Concepts, Inc. (ECI), For Goat Grazing Services For Fire Prevention Efforts For A Three (3) Year Six (6) Month Period From May 1, 2018 Through November 31, 2021, For One Million Six Hundred Twenty-four Thousand Three Hundred And Thirty-Three Dollars ($1,624,333.00), With An Optional Eighteen (18) Month Extension For An Additional Seven Hundred And Twenty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($727,500.00) For A Total Contract Amount Not To Exceed Of Two Million Three Hundred And Fifty-One Thousand Eight Hundred And Thirty-Three Dollars ($2,351,833.00) Over The Possible Five (5) Year Term