Meeting Time: April 26, 2018 at 10:45am PDT
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Agenda Item

4.6 18-0444 Subject: Downtown Oakland Community Benefit District 2018 From: Economic And Workforce Development Recommendation: Adopt The Following Pieces Of Legislation: 1) A Resolution Of Intention (1) To Form The Downtown Oakland Community Benefit District 2018 ("Dcbd 2018"); (2) Granting Preliminary Approval Of The Dcbd 2018 Management Plan ; (3) Directing Filing Of The Proposed Dcbd 2018 Assessment District Boundary Description; (4) Directing Distribution Of A Ballot To All Affected Property Owners Whereby They Can Vote "In Favor Of" Or "Against" The Proposed Dcbd 2018 And Assessment To Determine Whether A Majority Protest Exists; And (5) Scheduling A Public Hearing For July 17, 2018; And