Meeting Time: March 22, 2018 at 10:45am PDT
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Agenda Item

18-0285 2) A Resolution Authorizing The Issuance And Sale Of Lease Revenue Refunding Bonds (Oakland Administration Buildings) Series 2018 In An Aggregate Principal Amount Not To Exceed Seventy Five Million Dollars ($75,000,000); Authorizing The Execution And Delivery Of A Trust Agreement, Second Amended And Restated Lease, Second Amended And Restated Sublease, Escrow Agreement, Bond Purchase Agreement, Approving The Form Of And Authorizing The Distribution Of A Preliminary Official Statement And Authorizing Execution And Delivery Of An Official Statement; Approving The Retention Of Bond Counsel, Municipal Advisor And Underwriters; And Authorizing Payment Of Costs Of Issuance; On The April 10, 2018 Finance And Management Committee Agenda