Meeting Time: February 13, 2018 at 6:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

3 16-1361 Subject: Actions To Identify And Remedy Racial Inequities In Traffic Enforcement From: Councilmember Kaplan Recommendation: Receive An Informational Report Listing City Of Oakland-Issued Fines, Penalties, And Fees For Traffic Violations And Vehicle Violations, Including A List Of Categories Of Violations; Number Issued Per Year; Total Amount Billed Each Year; What Portion Of Funds Come To The City Of Oakland, State Of California, Or Other Recipients; And The Proportion Of Racial Inequity Found In The Issuance Of Each Category Of Violation (Including, Specifically, The Degree To Which The Portion Of Violations Issued To African Americans Exceeds The Percent Of African Americans In The Oakland Population); And Options For Actions To Remedy Racial Inequities And Economic Harms From Traffic And Vehicle Violation Fees