Meeting Time: January 09, 2018 at 6:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

12 17-0252 Subject: HSI/ICE Raid In West Oakland On August 16, 2017 From: Councilmembers Brooks And Kaplan Recommendation: Receive A Report And Recommendation Regarding The HSI/ICE Raid In West Oakland On August 16, 2017. Said Report Shall Include 1.) A Chronological Timeline And Review Of The August 16, 2017 HIS/ICE Raid; 2.) The Date The OPD/ICE Memorandum Of Understanding Was Officially Terminated; 3.) Specifically Set Forth Any And All Oakland Police Department Involvement In, And Tasks, At The HIS/ICE West Oakland Raid On August 16, 2017; 4.) Number Of Officers And Associated Cost Of OPD Involvement; 5.) Respond To Each Question Raised In The Privacy Commission's Memo Dated October 5, 2017; And 6.) Recommendations For Improvement In Transparency, And Compliance With Council Approved Policy Regarding Involvement With ICE